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We are always looking for new volunteers, but this is sometimes challenging work. Therefore we have a number of qualities we are looking for in new volunteers. These are .......

- Be a mature spirit-filled Christian whose identity and security is in Jesus, with a good personal network behind them so they are always in a position to give, not frequently seeking ministry for themselves from us.

- To be able to put personal problems aside whilst working for The Hazel Project (THP)


- Be reliable, taking seriously the long term commitment required to build trust with our street friends.

- Be compassionate with a heart for the poor and hurting.


- Regularly attending a recognised Christian church for a reasonable period of time.


- Be comfortable in articulating the gospel and sharing their personal testimony.


- Have good listening skills, and is humble and teachable with a servant attitude.


- Be able to work as part of a team and follow instructions - often on the street these may be given without explanation. We are working with vulnerable people who may behave appallingly and can be very manipulative. It is vital that we trust our team leaders, who may be in a better position to judge a situation and adapt to it tactfully as it arises.

- To be able to work under the Godly authority of THP and its group leaders.

- Have common sense, and be non-judgemental.

- Must be committed to at least one street session a month, and attend THP prayer meetings at least once every 3 months.

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